Every Great Summer must include the perfect Maxi Dress and of course Your Favorite People!  …ok, and a great glass of vino and multitudes of laughter!

One of my FAVORITE things about summer is the evenings.  You know the ones when you are viewing the gorgeous sunset from atop a patio, the sun’s warmth on your shoulders and the carefree laughter of friends at your side.

Well here are a few of my favorite resources to create your radiant summer look out on the town:

www.Soybu.com:     Dress to Impress Locally owned company with amazing fashion you can take from home, to gym and out on the town with you.  This Gorgeous dress was the one picked for my 2015 Maxi 🙂  “Promise Dress” color “Boardwalk

Zumbido Hair and Nail Studio:     Sexy Victoria Secret Hair  So, I jumped in on the sexy Victoria Secret Highlights this summer (I’m a virgin highlighter 🙂  and Carrie did an amazing job!  Love her…she is a must have on your “make me gorgeous” team!

La Bella Nail Salon:  Elegant Nails to Finish it Off   I am loving Linda!  She has been super sweet and doesn’t make my nails thick….not a fan of the thick nail.  If you follow this link there should be a coupon attached so you can try her out!

Fit Life Everyday:    …and Finally….Look & Feel Your Best   For me this is one of THE most IMPORTANT!!  If you don’t feel your best, you are missing out!  God has some amazing things for you to experience and do, but if you are not eating, working out and taking care of you…you won’t be about to do those things fully.  That means You are missing out and the World is Missing out!!  I am Building a Brand New Fitness Community and I would love for you to be a part of it.  You have a couple of options:

1.  Train with me & Finally Reach Your Goals!!

I am offering Small Group Trainings (3-4 women per group) throughout the week in Downtown Castle Rock!  It will include a community and exciting elements to encourage you on your fitness journey.

  • You can choose to do 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week
  • Community dinners once a month to explore new healthy ways of eating
  • Group outings for fitness education, outdoor fitness & adventure
  • Access to my new Fit Life Everyday Community: recipes, fitness on the go routines, inspiration, fitness tip and much more

Contact me for your FREE 1/2 Hour Assessment to see if this would be a great fit for you!  Facebook  or E-mail: info@n6x.0c6.myftpupload.com

2.  Or, Just Opt-In to the Community part and Grow with us as we Discover the Best Life has to Offer!!

Have an Amazing few weeks of summer!  Enjoy every breath, drop of rain, breeze and ray of sunshine while you still can!!

You will be hearing more from me soon!  xoxo  Jamie G.