SHOCKWAVE!!  That is all that needs to be said.

DEFINITION of a Shock Wave (

1. A large-amplitude compression wave, as that produced by an explosion or by supersonic motion of a body in a medium.
2. A violent disruption, disturbance, or reaction:

This workout delivers just that and MORE!  Off the Hook Energy, Workload, Teamwork, Community, Competition, Adrenaline, Controlled & Invigorating Chaos!!!  Creators Jay Blahnik & Josh Crosby utilize the Indo-Row (Waterrower) as the central piece of equipment which drives the entire energy of the class.  Throw in other fabulous workout tools such as the BOSU, Stability Ball or Viper and there is no end to the unique blend of excitement.  Not to mention the incredibly and talented fitness team of presenters: Doris Thews, Jeffrey Scott, Julz Arney, Keli Roberts, Angela Leigh, Paul Katami, Josh Crosby & Jay Blahnik (just to name a few fitness greats :)) and you find yourself in a massive slice of fitness heaven!

If you are looking for a Super Charged Workout that is fresh and motivating, look no further!  Prestigious Clubs such a Equinox have partnered with them to bring this wave of Shock and Awe to the masses!

Check it out.

You will thank me!  JG  …until tomorrow…ooohhhhh what is my next Best of the Best 2013!!