“Bo Eason for President”…was the outcry in the room.  This coming hours later after he  had first entered from stage right as Keynote Speaker for IDEA WORLD Fitness Conference.  These words coming out of one of THE toughest audiences on this green globe of ours….  That’s right, the Fitness Professionals.  Seriously, 3 hours prior I thought they were going to eat him for lunch when he first bound onto center stage to address us.  Not kidding!  You could literally feel the uncomfortable buzz of tension and everyone crossing their arms and practically plugging their ears at the same time.  Their chins raised in an air of defiance.  Your time is ticking, prove to us you are worth our time.  In our community you must earn our respect.  Bo, coming from outside our freakishly fitness world, had to work (like full heart on the table nothing left behind hard) to receive the standing ovation he received by the end of his Keynote address.  Yes, he did it!  Crowd applause here!  45minutes after walking into a silenced, tense, Oxygen stale room the crowd erupted into Motivated, booming, energy filled applause with a standing ovation.   Indeed!

When I heard he was going to be our Keynote Speaker, I looked him up and had already been won over , but apparently I was one of the exceptions.  My son and I had watched one of his youtube videos together.  If you haven’t seen him, definitely google his story about Jerry Rice…force feed it to your kids while your at it. 🙂  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s one of those  examples of perspective, drive, focus, why some people accelerate in life and others take a mediocre/middle of the road/coast like the most, seat.

Here’s the thing, Bo not only tells great stories, he embodies them.  How do you think he won over every person in that room that day?  (and you know as a lifelong competitor he was eating that victory up…He deserved to).  He isn’t successful because he was a pro athlete.  On the contrary, he was/is a pro athlete, actor, writer, producer & motivational speaker because HE chooses success.  He makes a choice daily to do the tough stuff, to go above and beyond what he knows he is capable of, he is a visionary with guts, he takes every piece of himself and lays it on the line…over and over and over, until he accomplishes what he set out to do.

Later that afternoon, Bo did a session to help us dig a little deeper into one of his passions, one of his key ingredients for success, “realizing your personal story power”.  Literally at the end of that session there was an uproar of “Bo Eason for president”.  Why?  Because he is authentic.  He doesn’t sugar coat it or worry about being over the top PC.  He genuinely cares, shares and asks for more than others think they can give.

If you need some fresh mojo check him out!  www.boeason.com

You can buy me a glass of vino in appreciation next year at IDEA WORLD 2014! 🙂

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