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If you have not heard of Lebert Fitness, you soon will!!  Marc Lebert (thus… the name Lebert Fitness:)),  the Taekwondo Black Belt, Strength/Conditioning coach & Smashdown inventor of the Lebert Equilizer, Lebert Buddy System & Lebert Stretch Strap realized the need for portable, multi-purpose fitness equipment.  Thus the birth of these affordable/versatile tools.

“The Equalizer™ was originally designed to perform a body weight pull up in a group or home setting. It has evolved to be one of the most versatile tools on the market today.  The “Eq” performs as an agility ladder, body weight training/manual resistance tool, used in Group Ex, PT, schools, martial arts conditioning and is a bootcamp and a field training favorite!”

“The Buddy System™, is a tandem resistance training product with unique bi-lateral rowing and pressing motions. Ultra-Portable, cost-effective, flexible and very dynamic- the Buddy System™ is a must for personal trainers, group exercise, military, boot camps, schools and team training.”

The Lebert Stretch Strap™ is the latest product developed to help facilitate stretching.  With the assistance of two-time Olympian and Master Yoga Instructor, Ann Green the Lebert team developed this. The Stretch Strap™ is a fantastic tool for improving performance and assisting with physio-therapy, pain relief and can easily be used at home or office (ok, all you computer guru’s sitting in front of your computer reading this…that means you!)

In other words, you have just found your new home gym and updated your fitness center all in one!  Welcome to Easy, Effective and Accessible Fitness!!

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Happy pull-ups!  JG  More on my fav.s for 2013 IDEA Tomorrow!