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Welcome to the official website for Jamie G. Lifestyle! I am genuinely grateful to have you visiting. I am a passion filled lover of Jesus and people, I love exceptional food, a deep glass of vino with decadent dark chocolate my girlfriends and kids, dancing until I drop, laughing until I cry, and I am crazy about discovering and inspiring Influencers and Atmosphere/World Changers!

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IDEA WORLD Best of the Best – Active Aging

Just call her Super Betty!  That is what mentor, Senior Group Fitness Consultant & International Fitness Presenter Extraordinaire, Lawrence Biscontini has dubbed her!  You truly MUST hear her story but here are just a FEW of her downright AMAZING stats.

The cliffnotes read…

Lost 55lbs.
Complete reversal of her Type 2 Diabetes
The Oldest AFFA Primary Certified holder
Part of […]

IDEA WORLD 2013 Best of the Best – Favorite Power Bar

IT ROCKS!  Let’s just start with that!!  It tastes terrific and there are many flavors to choose from!  My favorite part and what caught my attention…It’s clean, simple and super high on quality.  Every ingredient matters!  It’s on the lighter side of protein, so just be aware of that if you are trying to consume […]