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IDEA WORLD 2013 Best of Best – Off the Hook Workout!


SHOCKWAVE!!  That is all that needs to be said.

DEFINITION of a Shock Wave (thefreedictionary.com):
1. A large-amplitude compression wave, as that produced by an explosion or by supersonic motion of a body in a medium.
2. A violent disruption, disturbance, or reaction:
This workout delivers just that and MORE!  Off the Hook Energy, Workload, Teamwork, Community, Competition, Adrenaline, Controlled & […]

IDEA WORLD 2013 Best of the Best

I got back from IDEA WORLD Fitness Conferences 2013!!  So exciting!  It is THE place to see the latest and greatest in the fitness industry!  Not only do you get to experience brand new, fresh, hip and happening workouts…but the EXPO hall is filled to the brim with ALL the Latest and Greatest (and sometimes […]