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IDEA WORLD 2013 Best of the Best – Most Versatile Piece of Fitness Equipment

View the versatility and power packed workouts here:


If you have not heard of Lebert Fitness, you soon will!!  Marc Lebert (thus… the name Lebert Fitness:)),  the Taekwondo Black Belt, Strength/Conditioning coach & Smashdown inventor of the Lebert Equilizer, Lebert Buddy System & Lebert Stretch Strap realized the need for portable, multi-purpose fitness equipment.  Thus the […]

IDEA WORLD 2013 Best of Best – Off the Hook Workout!


SHOCKWAVE!!  That is all that needs to be said.

DEFINITION of a Shock Wave (thefreedictionary.com):
1. A large-amplitude compression wave, as that produced by an explosion or by supersonic motion of a body in a medium.
2. A violent disruption, disturbance, or reaction:
This workout delivers just that and MORE!  Off the Hook Energy, Workload, Teamwork, Community, Competition, Adrenaline, Controlled & […]