This is an old post, but the perfect way to start my JamieGLifestyle Blog because ECA-NY Feb. 2007 is truly where my personal journey began.

Written March 2008

Phew. I just taught Cardio Salsa this morning, had dance rehearsal tonight for 2 hours, go back to dance rehearsal tomorrow morning for 3 hours and teach a 3 hour Cardio Salsa workshop on Sunday. My body is already pleading for ice and rest…but at the same point I feel somewhat exhilarated from a great rehearsal and just feeling my body move!! It’s sick, I know. But that is why I and others crave and love this industry. There is something in me that comes ALIVE in those environments.

It still baffles me that I ended up here. I started my life out wanting to be a dancer but my precious mother convinced me that I would starve and end up waiting tables…so I stuck to Exercise and Sport Science (ok, ended up there my 4th year into college), graduated and started selling jewelry (wow, that worked out well. Smile). Fast forward many years and here I am completely enthralled and loving what I am doing! I am dancing my buns off, actually utilizing my degree and feeding my passions!

It was funny, I went to ECA-NY in Feb. 07′ and for the first time in my life felt FULLY in my element. It was amazing and fun and even a little hard to come home and leave all of it. It is as if I finally found my place…a place where all of the pieces of me that everyone else doesn’t quite get or understand…fit in perfectly, there. I could be ALL me and express it in its entirety and that was embraced and understood.

Ahhh, well it’s been 20 minutes. I can take the ice off now. Smile. It is back to reality. I have dishes to get under way and hopefully some sleep to catch.

Good Night.